Beretta 92A1 SGS Compensator

Beretta 96A1 SGS Compensator

For sale, the hard to find SGS style profile beretta sgs compensator for the following full-size railed pistols:
Beretta 92A1
Beretta 96A1
Beretta 90TWO
Will not fit compact models or models with short barrels!
Click here for railed M9A1, M9A3, or 92G-SD
Click here for railed or unrailed Taurus models and other Berettas

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As seen in The Professional used by the character Leon on his berettas.

The 92A1/96A1/90TWO model compensaors also include a new spring and guiderod busing to replace the captive factory spring.

No modification to your pistol. Complete kit for Beretta 92A1/96A1 compensator. Includes extended guide rod, tools and instructions for mounting. No threaded barrel required!  100% Made in the USA.

Muzzle flip comparison video

Beretta Compensator Installation Video

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Currently 3-5 weeks lead time on new compensator orders.


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