Beretta 92 Guide Rods
Beretta 92 Guide Rods NP3 and Blue

Beretta 92 series recoil spring guide rod.

Full-length, hardened steel guide rod helps prevent spring bind and improves cycling.
Replaces the soft, factory, plastic part for smooth, reliable function without galling or binding.
Machined from solid steel, polished and hardened. Available in Blue, NP3, and Stainless steel.
Fits Beretta 92, 96, M9, M9A1, Taurus PT92/99/AFS or PT100/101/AFS
(92A1, 96A1, 90TWO include non-captive guide rod bushing and recoil spring.)

Not for use with SGS style compensators,  compensators include a special recoil rod.


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